Band on the Rise – Oh Wonder

For fans of: The xx, London Grammar, James Blake, and Cathedrals.

If there’s one band that I eagerly anticipate each new single release, it’s Oh Wonder. This new band out of London, England is releasing one new song on their Soundcloud every month for a year until their debut album release September 4th, 2015.

Oh Wonder was founded in 2014 in south west London, England by singer/songwriter duo Anthony (also known as Ant West) and Josephine Vander Gucht (also known as LAYLA).

Oh Wonder
Josephine and Anthony make up the London singer/songwriter duo, Oh Wonder.

According to The Guardian, the band, The Wedding Present is the only other band to ever incorporate releasing individual singles up until an album release, and that was in 1992. Things have definitely changed in the music industry and the media world since then. When The Wedding Present did this, they did not have Soundcloud or “followers” in the sense that Oh Wonder does.

I think this business model works in Oh Wonder’s favor. They are gaining more and more fans each month with the “old school but effective” word of mouth promotion combined with new age viral content of The Hype Machine and Soundcloud. As of August 14, 2016, they have over 24 million plays on their Soundcloud.

Oh Wonder2
“However, having witnessed the reaction over the last six months, we have realized how many people are really connecting with the music and are consequently invested in this journey with us.”

Josephine and Anthony have been writing songs together for four years. When they recorded “Body Gold” together, they didn’t know what to do with it. So they released it in summer 2014, and that was the beginning of Oh Wonder. They also write and record each new single each month.

“It’s really exciting that our listeners are awaiting the next track as much as we are, it’s a really inclusive project. Everyone has been in on the adventure of us making our album in a very public forum.” – Oh Wonder

I predict great things to come for this little band out of England. Check out Oh Wonder’s final single “Heart Hope” plus more below and buy their album on their website if you like what you hear! You can go like Oh Wonder on Facebook and follow them on Twitter too if that’s your thing.